About Me


My name is Kristin Volk and I am a senior and an Educational Studies major.  I started attending the University of La Verne in spring of 2016.  About a year ago I decided to go back to school after graduating from Cal State University, Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration.

Before attending Cal State Fullerton, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher.  I applied to school expecting to be a math teacher, but during my experience at Fullerton I changed my mind.   I knew I did not want to teach math, but I was not sure what I wanted to do anymore –I should have trusted my original instincts.  I decided to become a business major where I eventually graduated and found a full-time position.

Two years later, I came to the realization that my original instincts are correct, I really should be a teacher.  Long story short, the company I was working for and my job was not making me happy.  It was difficult to see myself working in the “business world”;  that’s when  I decided to quit my job, attend University of La Verne, and work towards getting my credential to teach elementary school.

I decided to attend La Verne because I had heard so many wonderful things about their education department.  My mom, who attended La Verne many years ago, gave La Verne rave reviews.  The small class sizes (especially compared to a large state school I previously attended) and atmosphere make me feel comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, my mom, who attended University of La Verne is a major influence in my life.  She has shown me that anyone can persevere even in the least-likely circumstances, and that no matter what we should look at the world positively.  Because of her, I am aware that people come from all walks of life and I aim to become an educator that teaches students to be kind and open-minded just like she is.

When I am not going to school or working I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  Also, one of my favorite activities is to travel; I have been fortunate enough to travel and visit new and exciting places.  Above, is a picture when I visited Monte Carlo, Monaco , during a summer study abroad program.


1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Kristin, Nice to meet you! I also attended the ULV for my credential and I agree with your mom – it’s a great place! I agree with your goals of teaching students to be kind and open-minded, that is very important. Welcome to the class! Prof. Kinsey


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