ISTE Standards

For the sake of this blog post, I am picturing my future class to be between the grades of 4-6.

(1) Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity & (2) Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.  

In order to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity and help them engage in designing and developing the digital age I would have the students in my class help create our class website together.  Students would be assigned groups that would help me create different pages of our website.  I would give them the opportunity to be as creative as they would want; asking them the color scheme, pictures, font, content, etc.  Another option would be in addition to our class page I would like to give my students the opportunity to have a group page that explains a group project that they have been completing in class.  understandably, the younger students would not be able to fully create the website, but I would help facilitate their webpage creation.  At the end of the year I would like our webpage to act like a class yearbook, that way they can reminisce about things that they learned in class.

(3) Model digital age work and learning

Modeling digital age work and learning is as easy as showing students new technology and how it is being used.  Many students already learn technology outside of school, but I would like them to bring the technology they have outside of school and use it inside.  By modeling and explaining how technology can be used positively through real-life examples.

(4) Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

I like to use precaution when posting things on the internet.  Making sure that I have private accounts and I am careful with the things I post will make it easy for me to model appropriate technological citizenship.  Social media can pose as a problem when it comes to privacy, safety, and ethics.  Not only will I set the example myself, but I will make sure that I am speaking to students and their parents about the importance of digital responsibility.

(5) Engage in professional growth and leadership

I am always interested in learning about new and exciting technology.  (I admit)  I am someone who likes to have the newest and coolest gadgets (although, my wallet does not always agree with that).  Not only do I enjoy reading about new technological things, but I also am excited to teach my future students about them, too.


1 thought on “ISTE Standards”

  1. Hello Kristin,

    I love how you would involve your students in the design of the class website. It is great to see that you want the students to cooperate together in groups to figure out what the page will look like. I definitely agree that by getting the students invested in the website it will make them learn about technology and the safety/ethics of it.


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