Up until this week I have never had any experience in screencasting.  The only experience I have had is watching my teachers screencast videos or tutorials on how to do a project or a lecture.  If it is two things that I learned from this experience is that (1) you must be prepared and (2) you cannot just “wing it”.

Screencasting can be a great asset in education.  Being able to create a presentation that students will be able to watch time and time again can be helpful in learning difficult subjects.  pausing, stopping and re-watching are all easy and effective ways to understand what is being taught.  When creating my screencast, I began to think of 5 different ways taht it can be beneficial in education.

  1. Screencasting not only is helpful with teachers giving lectures, but for students to give presentations.  Speaking in front of class can be difficult and intimidating, almost every student has had some sort of fear of presenting in front of class.  Screencasting can help alleviate that fear.  Yes, students need to be able to speak in front of a class, but screencasting can create a first step approach in helping students practice what they will say in front of class.
  2. In addition to preparing for presentations, home schooled or online students can use screencasting to show their instructors they understand what they are learning.  Wether it be taking a test or doing their homework, students can create screencasts to show their instructors what they did in order to complete a problem, essay or test.
  3. The obvious reason: online classes.  Instructors from elementary school to universities can present lectures and ideas through screencasting.
  4. Screencasting can be used for supplemental  purposes.  Easy-to-access instructional guides for students who are at home doing their homework, or who are absent from classes can use screencasting and they may never have to miss homework on days that they are away from school.
  5. Lastly, screencasting can be used for absent teachers.  Creating web-based instruction can help a teacher instruct their students from virtually anywhere in the world (especially with live screencasts).  Creating instructions for their students while the teacher is absent can not only help substitute teachers better teacher their students, but can help the absent teacher because their students will not be behind because of a missed day.

My first screen cast: Steps in Research Papers

*Side note: I do now know that I will need to get the appropriate microphone, as my laptops microphone does not work that well.


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