Google Apps

What uses do you see for cloud-based tools in today’s classrooms?

Cloud-based tools can be used in a variety of ways.  From Google Slides to Forms  teachers, students, and parents can keep up with everything that is going on inside the class, and what is going on in the virtual classroom.  Among many other things, here are two major reasons I can see why cloud-based tools can benefit classrooms.

Teachers can communicate with parents easily.  Instead of relying on a student to remember to give their parents a letter, or wondering if a parent has viewed a teachers e-mail, teachers can set up a google form or document  and they will be able to know if the letter has been seen.  Easy communication between busy parents and teachers can greatly increase productivity.

Students can collaborate with each other through the virtual cloud-based tools.  Quite often it is difficult to create a schedule where everyone is able to meet at the same time outside of the classroom, and that is where cloud-based tools can come in handy.  Being able to work on projects and homework discussions at different (or at the same) time is helpful in getting things done, and more efficiently.

What benefits do you see to using cloud-based tools?

The benefits to using cloud-based tools are endless.  I can see productivity increasing between students, and communication building with parents and teachers.  When using cloud-based tools you can view documents, forms, spreadsheets and slides from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.  With cloud-based tools there is almost no reason why something cannot be completed.  Students can do homework on vacation, or while they are sick at home; teachers can input grades and read students’ homework assignments while sitting at a coffee shop.  Accessibility is key.

What potential drawbacks or pitfalls do you see related to the use of these tools?

Cloud-based programs cannot take the place of an in-classroom setting.  While students can work on homework and projects while online, they cannot get immediate feedback like they would in a classroom.  This is why I would use cloud-based tools for assignments that are meant for at home, or as a supplemental educational tool in the classroom.



2 thoughts on “Google Apps”

  1. You mentioned that your drawback was that cloud-based tools cannot be used in the classroom. I also thought the same thing when I was first introduced to these programs. However, in a class I took at CPP, we actually did use google slides in class. In class, everyone had a computer. We were divided into small groups and given a topic to talk about. From that we broke it up among each group member and worked on google slides together at each computer. Together we were able to make a full slide show within 20 minutes. It was a fun activity that tested how quick we could be to gather information and then work together through google slides to make a presentation.


  2. Hi,
    I agree that cloud-based tools are beneficial when communicating with parents. Students tend to forget to give or mention something to their parents. Also, students do benefit from collaboratively working together without the need to be at the same place. Assisting students to learn how to properly use cloud-based tools for their assignments is also important and it should start in the classroom.


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