What benefits do you see to creating an ePortolfio (for yourself)?

An ePortfolio can be used in a number of ways.  As I leave school and start looking for jobs as an educator, I can see myself using an ePortfolio to not only attach my resume, but also show my technological skills I have gained.  ePortfolios are a wonderful way for students to keep their school projects organized.  Many times it is hard to keep track of all the projects you have done in college, with an ePortfolio, students can upload their projects at the end of a semester and never have to think about it again.  At the end of their school “career” they will have a laundry list of projects that helped them succeed in school.  

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What applications do you see of ePortfolios in your future K-12 classroom?

I can see students using ePortfolios as a way to upload their projects and homework.  An ePortfolio can be a great way for students to show their parents what they have been working on in class all year-long.  Also, teachers can create assignments for students and have them upload them on their ePortfolios.  ePortfolios are just another example of technology based tools that can help students not only do their homework, but also to learn about technology.  It is crucial that students learn all aspects of technology because it will only get bigger, and if they are unaware of the next technology, they will be left behind.   


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