Social Media in the Classroom


What reasons have supported your use of social media?

I support the use of social media in the classroom as long as it contributes to the productivity of students.  Social media is everywhere! You hear it on the news, the tv shows you watch, on the radio and even in every-day conversations.  It does not look like social media is going away anytime soon so why not use it to you and your student’s and their parent’s advantage?

Not only can teachers get involved with students on social media, parents can get cellular-1352613_1920involved as well.  Creating custom classroom Facebook sites as well as school sites can help parents get involved with their children’s school.  These pages are easy to access through an app in your phone.  Alerts can be made and messages can be sent.

Parents can get involved in a number of ways, for example, parents are able to share information with eachother, get to know other parents and know parents of their children’s friends while in school.  Setting up a carpool, or even meeting people for the PTA.

With the vast amount of ways social media can benefit teachers, children, parents and schools is endless.


What impact do you believe

social media has (or will have) on education? On culture?

Social media can be used as a viable news source not from just your family and friends about how the party went last weekend, but important cultural and global information can be shared instantaneously.  It is important to keep in mind that social media is a place where people express their personal thoughts, feelings and emotions.  With that said, this can create a great learning experience for students who may not understand that with woman-1222804_1920.jpghard-hitting events comes people whose lives are affected by it.

Just like anything found on the internet, it is important to keep in mind that we have to look at information from social media not as a complete news souce, but a buffer to help reiterate information that has already been given to them.

Social media has become a great tool in keeping people connected in the “real world” why would teachers want to exclude their students from learning about experiences others have, in the many different perspectives.


Click here for Clay Chirky’s Ted discussion on Social Media.



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