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Wiki pages and Wikispaces

Wiki pages can be such a helpful tool with classrooms and in “real life”.  Any one can create a page and it is so simple, and many times they are free.  They are easy to learn and easy to use, just like a WordPress blog or social media account, you can post anything, at any time with instantaneous feedback.  Anyone in the world can view them, and anyone can make changes to them.

One wiki-type website in particular, Wikispaces Classroom is a free online tool for teachers and students to collaborate with each other on projects, homework assignments, etc.  Wikispaces can be private (where only invited members can edit) or they can be public for the whole world to see.  Wikispaces Classroom is a great way to get students working online and helps them understand how to create pages, and collaborate through technology.

Some major pitfalls are one in the same with the advantages… anyone can edit a wiki page.  If a wiki page is not “run” correctly, it can be tainted by anyone on the internet, unless there have been placed regulations on the page on who can edit it.  One great example of a Wikis page is Wikipedia… Anyone can add to Wikipedia (which is why it is not always the best idea to rely on gaining all your information from the website).  Although, most intentions on these sites are good, there is no way to manage a wiki page, without the possibility of someone “messing it up” or adding incorrect information.

Wiki pages have been around for many years, and I do not see it leaving any time soon.  I predict that with more accessability to technology around the world within the next 10 years, Wikispaceswill become even bigger.  More information on these sites will only benefit the technology community (assuming people use the pages as they are meant to be used).




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  1. I like that you mentioned that the advantage of allowing everyone to post is also the pitfall. I think it is important for teachers to explain to students that wiki can be a good resource, but only if they are able to get the sources from the bottom of the page.


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