Wow! I think I made it…

299Throughout this course it has been interesting and enlightening to be able to visit new and exciting concepts within the virtual world.  During my course in this class I have been able to utilize different technological tools that enabled me to reflect on my learnings.

First, the blogs have been an interesting way to not only show some of the new things that I have learned, but also I’ve learned fellow classmates as well.  Before this class I have never made a blog on a website such as WordPress; this assignment has given me some knowledge about how to set up a simple web page and how easy it can be.  Additionally, the book club has given me more practice on using google docs, prior to this class I had used google docs a few time, but this assignment has given me a little more in-depth learning about how to use google docs with bookmarks, etc.

The Cool Tool Duel gave me insight on all the great tools that teachers can use.  I enjoyed learning about many of these tools, and I am excited to use them as a teacher in the future.   Screen casing was a completely new idea for me, I had never screen casted before and it was definitely a challenge for me at first.  Although it is a simple process, it is difficult to make the presentation clear and concise without practicing.  With the ability to screen cast, I was able to add videos to my new YouTube channel and explore more videos to get ideas in the future.

My favorite project was developing our own portfolios, I enjoyed being able to create a simple and new web page that I can see myself using in the future.  I feel a program like Digication is easy for anyone to use, although I would prefer to use a program such as WordPress because it gives you more options to be creative, I though the simplicity of Digication was easy and straight forward to the novice technology users.


2 thoughts on “Wow! I think I made it…”

  1. I also really enjoyed creating the WordPress blog. I think it’s probably my favorite tool we’ve used throughout this class. I was like you in regards to Google Docs. I have had my Gmail account forever, yet I’ve never utilized the other awesome tools Google provides.


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